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GolfDust, golf training aid, golf teaching aid is used by Pro's from coast to coast as a primary golf training aid, golf teaching aid, golf teaching tool. GolfDust, golf training aid, golf teaching aid, golf impact indicator allows you to know the point of impact between the face of the golf club and the golf ball.

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Golf Pros advise that, a golf impact indicator to quickly and easily identify problems, is the first golf teaching tool to use to improve your golf swing. Small adjustments to golf swing and positions can dramatically improve distance and accuracy. GolfDust is a golf training aid and an alternative to impact tape or expensive golf swing analyzer equipment. GolfDust is a convenient and easily applied impact indicator. Spray it on the face of the golf club to indicate the point of impact between the ball and the club. Changing your stance, your grip, club length or various other options will affect the point of contact with the ball. Knowing where this point is can help you determine beneficial changes and eliminate detrimental changes. By carrying a can with you, you can easily check the point of contact, on the driving range, or on the fairway. (This text on any site other than is a violation of copyright and is an illegal use of the Golfdust trademark.) GolfDust is the perfect gift for any golfer. GolfDust makes an ideal corporate gift. A complimentary note is available on the shipping label especially for gift orders. 2005 Golfdust &tm;